Need music for that alien invasion scene? How about a classical score for an establishing shot over the rolling hills of Scotland? Maybe it’s cheesy atmospheric music for an out-of-body drug trip in your comedy?

Whatever you’re searching for, Dave can help you get the sound you need.

Check out the scores available for licensing right now, a range of musical styles (classical, goth, urban, ethnic, vaudeville, and more), perfect for action, comedy, thriller, horror, rom-com, drama, fantasy, sci-fi, animation, or any hybrids.

If you are interested in licensing any of the scores for your project, please send him an email. PDF scores are also available by contacting him at: All music is copyrighted.

Scroll down to see the various music genres and click the audio players below to listen to a song:



Shape Shifter (4:38):

The Siege at Athlone (4:36):

Amped (2:05):



The Golden Key (3:40):

Past Lives (4:00):

The Lady of Lorien (5:29):

The Fall of Achilleus (2:30):

The Will-O-The-Wisp (3:22):

Seven Deadly Sins (3:00):

The Daughters of Oceanus (3:39):

The Weeping Buddha (4:35):

Intensity (2:21):

Edgy (1:58):

The Cask of Amontillado (2:00):

Overdrive (2:00):

The Gates of Valhalla (2:51):

 The Dog Fight (2:18):



The Bass Recital (1:44):

Corgis on Stilts Eating a Pie (2:10):

Chasing the Squirrels (1:01):

Punch and Judy (2:54):

Snarky Birds (1:28):



The Eternal Embrace (2:01):

Lost In A Kiss (2:01):

Slow Dirty Dancing (2:31):

Quiet Celebration (2:34):



Central Park Sunrise (2:14):

Monsters from the Id (1:45):

Dog Day Afternoon (2:04):

Sound Scape (1:38):

Appalachian Justice (2:25):



Urban Prophets (2:55):

Shock Therapy (2:29):

Incantation and Dance (3:03):

Know Thyself (2:29):

This is Tomorrow (2:29):



Salsa Caliente (2:08):

Winds of Damascus (2:40):

The Ring of Kerry (3:37):

The Divine Lotus Flower (2:48):



Dante’s Descent (2:50):

Consequences of War (2:01):

It’s Better This Way (1:25):



The Grace of Mary Magdalene (2:34):

Death of a Swan Child (3:28):

Sprite Flight (3:02):

The Adonis Affair (2:34):



Andalucian Fantasy (3:12):

Uncommon Valor (3:10):

Beethoven’s Knockout (2:43):

In A Good Place (1:33):

The Great Gatsby Party (3:03):

Triumph at the Summit (2:14):

In A Different Place (1:21):



Rejection (1:39):

Betrayal (2:25):

It’s Not the Same Without You (1:49):

Penelope’s Tears (1:39):



Betty Boop in Corgiville 2 (2:10):

Hoofin With My Baby (1:30):